South-Africa’s first “green street” with LED

Ledlight Group have a long track record and commitment to delivering environmentally friendly LED lamps in South Africa. With the first installation in 2009, several communities continue to benefit from sustainable CrystalLed™ lamps.

One of the installations, initiated by The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Durban (COP17/CMP7), saw traditional lighting being replaced with energy-efficient and environmental friendly CrystalLed™ street lamps. The installation in Cato Manor, Durban was touted as the country`s first “green street”.

Shahzad Abid, CEO, Ledlight Group, said:


Green LED

“We are proud to have been a part of the initiatives implemented by COP17/CMP7. In dealing with climate change, environmentally friendly lighting solutions is the way forward. Lighting also equals safety, and is imperative in combating crime. We are honored to take part in securing neighborhoods and lighting up otherwise dark streets”.

Senselisiwe Ngcongo, resident Cato Manor, Durban, said

“The street lights made it safer for residents. Crime was very bad here, especially at night. Now with the street lights it is much safer” (source: Sunday Times).



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