The importance of power-supply

Drivers are an important component of a lighting solution as they provide safe and reliable power to the LEDs. Drivers additionally ensure compatibility with different control and dimming systems on the market.

Ledlight Groups` patented driver is customized to CrystalLed™ luminaries. It provides regulated and steady current to the LEDs, ensuring high efficiency, low ripple current and LED longevity.

Image: Ledlight Group deliver drivers at 350mA, 450mA and 700mA suitable for a range of different LED combinations.


Why develop a unique driver that is customized to CrystalLed™?

LEDs cannot utilize 230VAC directly, but needs a different voltage. Typically, the voltage across each LED is about 3.1 volt DC.  CrystalLed™ lamps are designed with all LEDs connected in series. Depending on the lamp model (number of LEDs in the lamp) the output voltage from the driver can be between 70 and 300VDC, and the lamp therefore requires a unique driver for optimal usage. We have designed a driver that ensures full control of the current that is flowing through the LEDs, independent of the output voltage.

The development of a custom-made driver resulted in today’s patented driver, which is designed, produced and manufactured exclusively by Ledlight Group.