Ledlight Group is the chosen supplier of tailor-made LED-light solution to ASKO Norge AS

16th September. Oslo, Norway.

Ledlight Group (LLG), one of the leading companies in LED lights for industrial solutions, today announces that it has completed a delivery of a tailor-made LED-light solution to ASKO Norge AS storage facility.

The delivery consisted of CrystalLed™ lighting fixtures, emergency lights and DALI light control system. The customer chose CrystalLed™ 72LED Arc 4500K lamps following a thorough light design configuration to ensure superior lighting.

By winning this contract, LLG confirms their relationship with ASKO, which has previously chosen LLG and CrystalLed™ lamps.

Lars Langøy, Manager of Operations, ASKO Norge AS, said:

““Ledlight Group was preferred over other suppliers as they provided ASKO Norge AS with a tailor-made solution with both LED- and emergency lighting incorporated. The CrystalLed™ lamps have proven to considerably improve light output, and DALI dimming allows better user-control”.

LED lighting solutions for industrial applications are a strategic priority for LLG. To deal with the increasing demand, LLG have allocated resources and established a new sales force to take advantage of the opportunity in this market niche.

Shahzad Abid, CEO, Ledlight Group, said:

“I am delighted to announce yet another significant delivery to ASKO. The industry continues to recognise the advantages of LED lighting and we see storage facilities as a major growth area for CrystalLed™”.

For further information, please contact marte@llg.no