DALI ready LED applications from Ledlight Group

Ledlight Group (LLG) upgrades DALI software to ensure that CrystalLed™ lamps are fully compatible with the light control system. The digital simplicity and flexibility that DALI provides, enables Ledlight Group to deliver LED solutions that are easy-to-use, robust, interoperable and affordable.

Shahzad Abid, CEO, Ledlight Group, said,

“We always aim to deliver an intelligent and flexible LED solution to our customers, and light control systems are an integral part of that. By upgrading the software, our light control systems continue to comply with the DALI standard for LED applications and we continue to provide the very best to our customers”.

Meny Arena

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is a recognised international standard for lighting control systems, and has proven its reliability for many years. Light control systems offers significant benefits in terms of supporting user-control, light experience, and visual needs as it facilitates flexibility and contributes to energy savings. Light control systems are particularly well suited for storage and sports applications, and Ledlight Group has delivered many CrystalLed™ installations with DALI dimming to those segments.

Image: Ledlight Group delivered a constant light level system to Meny Arena, where a semi-transparent roof lets the sunlight in at daytime in order to save energy.

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