Ledlight Group was preferred over other suppliers as they provided ASKO Norge AS with a tailor-made solution with both LED- and emergency lighting incorporated. The CrystalLed™ lamps have proven to considerably improve light output, and DALI dimming allows better user-control. Lars Langøy, Manager of Operations, ASKO Norge AS
Everyone at HTK is very happy with the CrystalLed™ solution that Ledlight Group provided and we would definitely recommend it! Our tennis players express that they got a whole new tennis experience. We have nice smooth lighting and are not blinded when smashing and serving. Inger Bjerke, Holmenkollen Tennis Klubb
Reco uses the latest CrystalLed™ lamps to ensure maximum light distribution from the high towers. We have experienced that this results in more light output than any other lamp currently available in the market. Rob Reigwein, CEO, Reco
CrystalLed™ lamps have made it easier for us to protect the storage. The light is just as strong as daylight, which provides a better image through our security cameras – the colours are better and it gives a more professional image. We have noticed it on our energy bills as we have considerably reduced our energy consumption while also being environmentally friendly. Jaap van den Reijden, CEO, Top Logistics
The solution that Ledlight Group has installed for Drammen Tennis Club is the best I’ve played with. I have picked up a great deal of experience from tennis courts throughout Norway, and the lights we have in our indoor tennis centre is superior! The CrystalLed™ lamps provide smooth lighting throughout the Court and we do not get blinded when we serve and smash. Drammen Tennis Club organises 8-10 tournaments a year with players at all levels, and we have only received positive feedback.  Asbjørn Dalsbø, general manager, Drammen Tennis Club, and active player