Timeline of events


2003 | Technology- and market studies

2005 | Ledlight Group AS is established with external investors.

2006 | Prototype of CrystalLed™ is developed.

2007 | Ledlight Group acquires Systec Engineering AS. Laborelec tested and approved. Prototype installed in Morocco.

2008 | First installations in Norway.

Today | Steady and strong growth with installations in 19 countries and a wide and growing partner-network.



From the founder

At the start of the millennium, energy and environmental questions were increasingly under discussion. Traditional light sources were a debated issue as it effected both energy savings and had a negative environmental impact. LED technology was still new, but Ledlight Group saw the potential that LED (light-emitting diode) had in innovating the lighting industry. With a strong focus on testing and product development, Ledlight Group launched the CrystalLed™ series, which soon became at the forefront of LED products and pioneered industry developments.

Vidar Simonsen